Endobiosis part 2 - Gut Bug Balance Demystified

By: Dr. Elisabeth Bastos ND Aug 29, 2016
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Gut Bug Balance Demystified

Interview transcript from the Wellness of Being on Rogers TV with Dr. Bastos ND

Q - What does the term dysbiosis mean?

A - Well I’ll start by asking you and your audience to take out a piece of paper….and write down any of these words that relate to as they are a sign that something is not right and that you need to take action…they may mean you have dysbiosis :
Gas (for woman it may get worse around your period), bloating esp. if it happens first thing in the morning when you haven’t eaten for a long time, energy drain, constipation, diarrhea, cramps, sore belly, anal itch, skin itch, thick white on your tongue, craving flours and sugars, general overeating, insomnia, restless


Q – Sounds like this could include just about anyone

A – This is a very common problem.


Q – So back to what it means

A – (I bring out a visual -barbie chairs on the table or floor grouped and bring little toy to sit on the chairs to describe this)
The definition is an imbalance of the bacterial and fungal microbes in the intestines (although they both commonly get out of balance together). We have more bugs in our body then cells and they are supposed to be in balance with one another to prevent each other from over growing, which keeps them in their health promoting levels. But with certain drugs like antibiotics or lifestyle factors such as a diet hi in sugars and refined grain products or flours or alcohol to name a few, one strain can become depleted which means there is less competition for the other strains which can now overgrow to unhealthy levels….creating dysbiosis .


Q – Why should we care about our gut environment?

A – Immune system there ….can become triggered to create allergy reactions to just about anything, inflammation in a weak spot of the persons system such as joints, skin – you can even have defiant and aggressive behaviours from a leaky gut occurring from the overgrowth, where now proteins can pass and act like a drug on the nervous system.
So we care about the intestines and their bug balance b/c the immune does so much.


Q – What made you want to have such strong interest in and now so much experience in the concept of dysbiosis?

A – One of my daughters when she was 2 had a strange series of 4 seizures over a few weeks and despite 5 days of every screen you imagine nothing was found…but in fact I had some intuition form above, let’s say….that had me run my own tests to find out she had a fungus in her bowels that in fact was suspect to being able to cause seizure. So I used my proven processes to treat her…rechecked and it was gone…and she was off her meds in 3 weeks instead of 2 years and has had no seizures since which the medical system thought was impossible….that was inspiring to me to say the least and really illustrated just how far reaching our gut health can take us.


Q – What can someone do to find out where there bug balance stands?

A – The best way is to not guess and perform a 3 day stool microscopic and culture with sensitivity test. This means taking 3-4 vials over 3 days of your stool and shipping it off to a regulated lab which your Naturopath can set you up with and I suggest having a live cell analysis look at your blood system under the microscope right in office. Live cell analysis can give an indication if bacterial and fungal strains are so far developed that they are now systemic (in the blood system)
Brad….can we put up the picture of the fungus picture (picture goes up)


Q – Absolutely…wow…so what are we seeing here?

A - This is a real picture I took from a microscope check, a live cell analysis of a client’s blood. This is very likely fungus overgrowth that has now reached the blood system and of course I always recheck after treatment to make sure it’s gone to be sure.


Q – I heard stool tests are not always accurate for parasites and candida?

A – That can be true which is why I follow up with symptoms and live cell also but here are some tips to make the stool test a more sure fire test for your viewers:
Make sure they are getting a microscope stool check as well as the culture and sensitivity. This means under the microscope parasites won’t be missed (except pin worms which we will talk about) and you can see any fungus or candida strains that happened to die before they could grow them to run the culture check.
You want a 3 day culture and sensitivity check also to ensure less chance of bugs being missed, especially for parasites . This means they grow the bugs in the lab and test how to kill them and they do this for 3 days to see what is there.


Q – Shouldn’t everyone take a probiotic b/c I understand its protective?

A – Well it certainly is trendy to do that but my nature is to be very specific and avoid guessing so I would say no. Certainly everyone at some point in their life will, but I have seen individuals with perfect levels of their good bacteria from probiotic use and they still had having an overgrowth of fungus and bacteria.
So that point is, don’t guess and taking probiotics alone may not be enough to keep us out of dysbiosis or bug imbalance….and may be taking the wrong type of probiotic altogether.


Q – I have taken generic anti parasite treatments from the health store was that a good idea?

A- Well if you did truly did have a bacterial or fungal infection, many of the natural products don’t test well for actually being able to kill many of the bugs anymore as they are becoming very resistant. …so you may be wasting money and time that you could be using to have the problem solved once and for all without guessing.
I’ve seen many clients with stool tests done after taking trendy health store bug killing products and still have the infection .


Q – So what do you recommend our audience take?

A - Well I need to make the disclaimer that I can’t tell your viewers what to do as I don’t know there story and I am not their doctor. But I can tell you from my over a decade of working with clients, I can confidently say that Grapefruit seed extract tends to be one of the few products that can still kill what seems like all bacterial and fungal overgrowths and I tend to pair this up with products that also rebalance and heal the gut environment.


Q – So just over the counter for the grapefruit seed extract?

A –You can but it’s best to ask a Naturopathic Doctor for advice, because you do need to be careful of quality and many taste horrific for children. I personally have grapefruit seed extract compounded for my clients with an added gut lining healing component to it.
For parasites it’s a trickier story
I wouldn’t relay on it. You can speak to your doctor about wormwood and oregano oil combinations that I have seen make impact b/f but certainly have your stool or blood rechecked to be sure and consider seeing your conventional doctor if you suspect parasites, esp if you experience anal itching and restlessness in the whole family which may mean pin worm which doesn’t show up on testing mostly.
(Can add on pin worm questions if you need more time)


Q –We are running out of time and I know you have so much more to offer. Where can we find out more?

A – I am so honored to be with you and your audience and would like to save everyone the 15 plus year learning curve to took me and hundreds of thousands of dollars to figure this out on my own, so my energy guide book is free by just emailing me At myhealth@elisabethbastos.com
With subject line “We Love Brad”. I decode the main reasons individuals feel overly drained and tips on what blood tests to ask your doctor for based on your symptoms and so much more so no rock is unturned.


Q- Hinted to some training videos also:

A – Absolutely, I have free micro trainings also at my website and on the event page you can sign up for next live educational event to continue to empower you with your Doctor.

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