Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Chiropractic Treatment

By: Dr. David Koivuranta, DC Apr 12, 2017
David Koivuranta Chiropractic, Fibromyalgia Symptoms

What are the symptoms of Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition and the latest statistics show us that 9 out of every 10 sufferers are women. Fibromyalgia used to be known as fibrositis, however, as more is learnt about this condition, it was re-named to Fibromyalgia.

While this condition does not affect the sufferer’s life span, full recovery from Fibromyalgia is very uncommon and where this happens, the likelihood of a recurrence is very high.

The main symptom of Fibromyalgia is that of pain, tender areas of the body and tiredness. The number of symptoms and the degree of pain can vary due to the level of stress or sometimes the weather. And, the fact that none of the most common symptoms are visible outwardly, diagnosing  Fibromyalgia can be very difficult.

Here are  some of  the symptoms of Fibromyalgia…

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Sleep disorders

  • Chronic headaches

  • Dizziness or lightheadedness

  • Poor concentration

  • Malaise and muscle pain after exertion

  • Jaw pain

  • Morning stiffness, back pain

  • Menstrual cramping

  • Irritable bowels, also a need or urgency to pass urine

  • Numbness and tingling sensations

  • Skin and chemical sensitivities

  • Restlessness in legs
  • Itching or burning pain accompanied occasionally with a muscle spasm


We don’t know what the cause of Fibromyalgia is yet but there appears to be a number of factors which are common in a significant number of the sufferers of Fibromyalgia. 

They include:

  • change in sleep pattern
  • serotonin deficiency (the mood and sleep regulating hormone)
  • some kind of viral infection
  • a psychological disturbance
  • a lack of exercise

Because we don’t know what causes Fibromyalgia, there is no specific treatment. However, there are several ways to help relieve the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. This post will discuss two ways: self-help methods and chiropractic care.

The self-help methods include:

  • Increase your level of exercise. It has been shown that those patients with high levels of aerobic fitness generally suffer less from Fibromyalgia
  • Regular stretching or yoga
  • Avoid using nasal decongestants and also reduce your consumption of coffee and alcohol
  • Sometimes more easily said than done, but by controlling your emotions and behavior, hopefully this will reduce your stress levels.

Chiropractic care for Fibromyalgia sufferers…

Recently, fibromyalgia patients have been seeking chiropractic care increasingly often. Because fibromyalgia causes numerous tender points all over the body, many fibromyalgia patients suffer from back pain, neck pain, and leg cramps. In an attempt to solve these problems, many sufferers have looked to chiropractors. Because simple adjustments to the neck and spine can restore the carriage of the whole body, a lot of fibromyalgia sufferers find that alignments of the spine can significantly reduce pain all over their bodies.

Numerous studies have been conducted analyzing the benefits of chiropractic care in fibromyalgia patients. A 1985 study asked 81 fibromyalgia patients to indicate drug or alternative treatments that best relieved their pain. Chiropractic care treatment scored surprisingly high in this study. Another study examined the effectiveness of spinal manipulation in relieving fibromyalgia symptoms. After just 15 treatments, fibromyalgia patients suffered from less pain and fatigue, and actually enjoyed better sleep quality.

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