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By: Health Local Staff , Sep 26, 2018
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Google is the dominant force in online search.

Its search engine boasts the most enviable market share in the Western world. However, if you think of Google as only a search engine, you're missing a much larger picture.

You may have noticed that Google no longer just indexes information on the internet. True to its mission statement, Google has evolved to gather, organize and present information it finds online in order to keep users on its own websites (Google, Google Maps, Google+, Google My Business, etc.) for as long as possible. 

This is a game changer for all businesses. Google isn't trying to send its users to external sites. As a result, it's no longer about how much traffic goes to your website. 
It's about how you can help Google present your business to its users.

This has had a tremendous impact on our own business. As Google changed the way users consume information online, it was no longer sufficient for Health Local to be just the leading directory for Canadian Health Professionals.  We had to increase our scope of services to help our clients create and manage their entire online footprint so that Google is always getting consistent and accurate information about their businesses.

As we've discussed previously in our insight pieces, if you want to help Google help your business, make sure to:
  1. Use the right keywords to write a description of your services and products;
  2. Consistently and accurately amplify these descriptions on reputable online directories all over the internet; and
  3. Regularly monitor and update all of your online information.

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