3 Reasons to Improve Your Golf Flexibility

By: The 10 Minute Cushion May 08, 2018
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Better your game with better flexibility!

When participating in the game of Golf, it's imperative to take time to develop controlled flexibility. It is a necessity for all the body parts to be moving and rotating a certain way to continue to have a flawless shot. Golf is a game that involves the entire body. Maintaining the right angle, the most correct stance, rotating the body in the most correct way are necessary for golf. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to keep the body in proper tune so that these movements become routine and natural.

Controlled flexibility is the goal. The body has 120 joints that are constantly moving. All the joints need to be rotating in the correct pattern to make the desired shot. Any incorrect rotation of a joint can lead to a hook or slice. Every joint in the body has to be in proper sync and rotation.

Rotation in the body needs to become natural and comfortable and second-nature. Your brain needs to program this habitual pattern. Undoing a non-specific pattern takes 3x’s longer to undo and retrain a new pattern. Half of your time spent is undoing the inappropriate pattern. That is why stretching for rotation is so important. It unloads the compression forces and allows for glide without resistance. The 10 Minute CushionTM helps to diminish recovery time by stretching out the old patterns allowing for new patterns to be introduced and maintained.

The 10 Minute CushionTM helps to unload everyday compression forces and rotational strain by stretching your spinal system. It is much like taking care of a sports car and getting it prepped for the big race. Its necessary to tune-up, rotate tires, grease, and oil the joints so the machine performs is at its highest level.

Golf is a game that requires a high level of dedication. The amount of practice and concentration and recovery time that goes into the game is extraordinary but can be challenging and extremely rewarding. Golf is like no other game!

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