Golf and Lower Back Pain! (Part 2)

By: The 10 Minute Cushion Jun 04, 2018
Improving your Golf Game, The 10 Minute Cushion

Hitting the ball great distances = The ability to rotate!

To hit the ball a great distance, the body must have the ability to rotate into and maintain a wide arc throughout the swing.

The 10 Minute CushionTM, will help to increase the range of hip mobility which will decrease the amount of shoulder turn, resulting in reducing the amount of trunk flexion and side bending during the downswing.

The 10 Minute CushionTM will help to restore proper secondary curves to the cervical and lumbar spines. Too much or too little curve creates excessive torsional and compressive loads at the thoracolumbar and lumbosacral junctions!

Many weekend warrior golfers sit at their job for hours on end in a fixed position. Day-by-day the hip flexors tighten and shorten causing the glute-max muscle to turn off. The problem is the glute-max is a critical stabilizer of the hip during the golf swing.

When golfers have lumbar lordosis, a flabby protruding abdomen, and a flat butt, the most important priority is to restore the length back into the hip flexors and lumbar spine and do exercises to wake up the glutes.

It’s strange, but some golfers intentionally stick their butts out because some pro or their friend told them they could generate more power on the downswing. The truth is, once they arch their back and stick their butt out at set up, they lose the ability to “hinge” from the hips and are no longer able to keep the spine in a neutral-stable posture. Core stability is lost and the joints are subjected to undue strain and possible disc damage!

The 10 Minute CushionTM will help to avoid all these conditions by stretching the spine and the muscle system that is shortened and loaded in the body allowing for more increased flexibility, mobility, and proper your posture!

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Relieve your neck and low back pain! The 10 Minute Cushion is a simple device that uses the natural pull of gravity to improve posture, mobility, and flexibility, allowing for proper communication between the brain, spinal cord, and the extremities – and promises the countless benefits that accompany a healthy spine.