Releasing your spine for better organ health!

By: The 10 Minute Cushion Jul 17, 2018
Guelph Osteopath, The 10 Minute cushion

Karina Lechner a Guelph Osteopath tells all.

I have been a manual practitioner for 27 years. For the first fifteen years, I was a Registered Massage Therapist. And then, in 2006, I embarked up the study of Osteopathy - which I still practice to this day.

I am blessed to love what I do and am continually learning, and sharing information with my patients...whether it be about meditation techniques, complementary modalities, nutritional advice, and/or physical supports and helpful devices that support our work/learning day.
There is one tool that I keep coming back to.

As per below:

In the year (??) I attended the Yoga show in Toronto - both to partake of the classes/workshops offered and to explore the exhibits. I was also on a bit of a search... The previous year I had seen an item that interested me and that had held my attention - every time my back ached after a day of treating patients I wondered about this “tool”.  I had tried to mimic its structure with pillows. But my efforts fell short.

Originally the item I saw had been made of wood - which I felt had the structure I sought - but the composition seemed hard and unforgiving get - extreme...

And that was when I came across The 10 Minute Cushion. I literally rounded a corner and bumped into the exhibit. I was welcomed and introduced (by lying down and being appropriately pillowed) to the cushion. I was very, very impressed.

They say that our society breeds collapsed chests - and it does. I see the byproduct of this flexed spine - arms out front positioning daily in my practice. Pain aside - the effects on fluid flow and organ health are profound as well.

The 10-minute cushion allows for the passive release of said collapse.

Honestly, when I lay on it - my spine almost breathed a sigh of relief.

The passive nature of this stretching tool makes it easy to use and - albeit strengthening is called for as well - it’s a great - great! The starting point for patients - the ligaments that line the front of the spine can take their time releasing and - that profound flexion curve, that progresses in so many of us through the thoracic spine, can take a time out and relax into extension.

I often suggest that this tool can be used in conjunction with a meditation practice such as Yoga Nidra - to encourage a more profound effect.

After some time - I was contacted and introduced to a smaller cushion - of the same shape. And find that it suits me - personally better - as the subtle curvature of the smaller cushion suits smaller frames - and is a bit gentler.

As with all things - there are preferences and approaches that suit the individual. Choices are good.

Thank you, Graham and team. I love this cushion and continue to recommend it to my patient base.

Reset Your Posture in 10 Minutes a Day

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Relieve your neck and low back pain! The 10 Minute Cushion is a simple device that uses the natural pull of gravity to improve posture, mobility, and flexibility, allowing for proper communication between the brain, spinal cord, and the extremities – and promises the countless benefits that accompany a healthy spine.