Living Assistance Services

Living Assistance Services

Living Assistance Services offers a team of personal caregivers (PSW’S) to provide home health care, elder care, palliative care and chronic disease care all over southern Ontario.

Visit one of our three locations Living Assistance Services - Richmond Hill and Living Assistance Services - Newmarket

We provide safe, trusted, compassionate senior home care where seniors want to be as they grow older–happily at home. Many home care services are available, including health/care assessments, personal care, meal prep, housekeeping and laundry, chronic disease care (Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, Parkinson’s) and palliative care.

For advice about seniors and care at home, please kindly contact Brian Porter, Director, and Owner of Living Assistance Services (LAS), at 416.483.0070 (office), 905.758.2486 (cell) or and visit

For services in the Chinese language, please contact Helen Huang at 416.880.6889 or

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