Daphne Bennett

As a graduate of advanced forms of coaching utilizing integrative models derived from Co-Active Coaching™, Systems Theory, Process Work, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Quantum Physics and Taoism, Daphne's mission is to help her clients lead with love in all aspects of their lives.

Daphne's business Lead with Love is located in Burlington, Ontario. She helps her clients to increase AWARENESS, shift BEHAVIOUR and make CHOICES to move forward in every aspect of their lives, helping them to discover how to approach and manage life's challenges.

  Feb. 9, 2015

How we are wired, determines how we are. And we can rewire!

If you are a leader at work, your sentences and gestures are noticed and interpreted, magnified and given meanings yo...

  Feb. 4, 2015

10 Ways to Lead and Succeed

An effective leader will listen and help the team respect each other and work together as a high functioning team. Th...

  Jan. 28, 2015

The Missing Wellness Link

The most common barriers to adopting healthier behaviours are lack of willpower, lack of time, and lack of money. It ...